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Camera Inspection & Locating

At Rimbey’s Drain Cleaning we use top of the line waterproof cameras to inspect use waterproof cameras to give us access to visually inspect your sewer lines. We can also inspect other underground pipes located under cement and under your home’s foundation. We video in real-time, so if any damage or breaks to your line are found, we can help you assess the problems immediately. 

Common issues are caused by tree roots, corrosion, punctures or breaks to the pipe, or if the pipe has been misaligned. We use a locator to locate the exact spot the issues are occurring, so we can help you fix it!

Having video drain documentation done by a professional is recommended if you are experiencing slow drains, clogs, or backups. This can be a useful tool before you purchase a home as well, to make sure the mainline is clear of headaches before you move in!

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